Gaspard and Lisa Wedding Dolls (2) 卡斯柏與麗沙結婚娃娃 (2)

Item# HJ-0107
Size: 45cm height for both
Completed date: 2010/02/12

Did you remember this pair of wedding dolls?

They are Gaspard and Lisa, they are a little bit bigger than previous pair, all design and dressing are almost same as before, except the additional accessories.

The groom wears dark gray tuxedo, and the bride wears off white wedding dress.

A royal designed wedding dress is with tailing at back, there are double layers of embroidery organza,I bind the front of top layer by using 9pcs beads, the number of "nine" in Chinese means "forever", wish them "together forever".

The bride is wearing veil, little shinny crown, and bead chain necklace. She is holding a colorful bouquet with a bow at front.

The groom is wearing black glasses, a white lace shirt with light gray bow tie and cummberbund. There are 3pcs shinny button at the front of tuxedo and 2pcs at the sleeve.

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Hi, it is so pretty, can you help me to make one, I am Gaspard and Lisa fans